What we typically look for

The majority of our work are in the following platforms, ordered by the volume in descending order (most used to least used):

Why We Use WordPress

We predominantly use WordPress because most of our clients prefer to use something that is easier for them to edit. Clients want to feel like they’re able to take control of their own website with as little fuss as possible.  WordPress makes this simple by allowing an entire website to be packaged in a backup file and reinstalled on pretty much any host of their choice.

This also relieves us of having to host (and subsequently support) the sites after delivery.

A secondary reason we prefer wordpress is all the plug-and-play plugins that are available to help shorten the development time. The auto-update capabilities of today’s WP sites makes this process a bit easier.

Why We Use Builderall

Builderall is an excellent choice for beginners, so it’s one of our top recommendations. With all the tools that are available at no extra charge on the platform’s business plan, our clients save a lot of money on third party software, such as auto-responders, chat, drag-and-drop builder, social auto-post, booking, webinar, and webinar to name just a few.

The platform’s simple graphical interface makes it visually appealing to use and clients tend to gravitate toward that as an alternative to Wix, which does not offer near as many tools.

If you don’t have Builderall, you can sign up for a free account here.

Why We Use GrooveFunnels

We use GrooveFunnels because it’s a Builderall alternative that offers a faster load time.  GrooveFunnels offers a few things that Builderall does not, such as an import/export site functionality.  SEO attributes are easier to set on Groove.

We only offer this platform to clients if they already have the platform or are interested in getting it. We don’t push this platform because it’s in the infant stages of deployment and lots of bugs are still present.

You can get a free lifetime account with lots of included tools here.

Why We Use HTML

Some sites are just too simple to not use HTML. HTML offers the most stable website and the least hackable platform.

We only use this when the site is static and no change or update is expected on a regular basis.

When clients just want a simple landing page that functions as a digital business card, we turn to HTML and leave it at that.

What we look for in VAs

We don’t typically have a list of “absolutely must have” skills when looking for VAs. Instead, we need someone who is a quick learner so that whatever platform the client wants, and if it’s within reason of their need and features request, we are able to deliver.  We do ask for certain competencies in order to work on our projects. This helps to reduce the time we use to train incoming VAs.  These competencies are:

For copywriters, you also must be good at what you do. Obviously, right?

Ideally, everyone who lands on this page should have arrived here by invitation only.  We don’t advertise and this page is not SEO optimized for search.

If you were invited here, are interested, and have the skillsets we are looking for, then you can go ahead and fill out the application form so we know if you’re a good fit for one of our projects.