Anti Spam Policy

We are regular people just like you, and we don’t want our inboxes flooded with spam and non-sense sales promos.  We don’t like getting them; we don’t like sending them.

If you receive spam, it’s probably not from us.  Our advice? Don’t post your email address online (even in comments).

If you register an account on our site for any reason, your email is safe with us as long as you don’t publicly post it.  We do not control who reads the articles and comments.

On the flip side, don’t send us email that has nothing to do with ongoing discussions on this site.  We don’t need or want any sales emails in our mailbox and we’ll probably just report them.

Legitimate queries are okay, such as….guest posts on our site (sorry, we don’t pay for guest posting and we don’t hire guest posters), article suggestions, video suggestions…you know stuff people actually want to read.

Hope that’s clear enough.